Tactical Self Defense

Lexington Kentucky

Self Defense Training

I don't punch. Punching can do more damage to you than your attacker. Trained boxers break their hands when they punch without wrapping their hands. It is a called a boxers fracture. If you use the palm thrust instead you get more power to damage the attacker. You need your hands to get up from the ground and to use joint manipulations. I think you should never be using gloves on the bag or punching others. The chance of brain damage when punching others is too great. This is especially true for kids.

In my classes you learn to use the heavy bag to use force to damage the attacker. Defense is number one and you learn to cover yourself as you attack. If you attack and leave yourself open then you will not survive. You need a hanging or free standing heavy bag to practice on at home. This class is for individuals or small groups.

In the first class we will be discussing which equipment you need and the curriculum.

Call me at 859-310-0638 or kentuckystreetfighting@gmail.com